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PropheSEA’s #take4Florida Holiday Clean Up. : )

This Christmas I was blessed with all kinds of love from my family, friends, and fellow Sea Prophets. This made me realize more and more that the ocean deserved some love too. So I went ahead and planned out a Saturday morning beach clean up… hoping for the best. I know everyone is busy during this time of the year and wasn’t sure who would be available, but it was a great success, and here is a link to the photo album.

PropheSEA’s #Take4Florida Holiday Clean Up


Upon arrival to Gulfstream Beach Park, we all kind of thought the beach looked “clean” and that a clean up might be difficult or useless. However, as we sifted through the seaweed line, we quickly realized that the beach was anything but sanitary. : (



Here is a quick list of some of our collected items.

  • a medical syringe
  •  a toothbrush
  •  a tampon
  •  tons of straws
  •  styrofoam bits
  •  plastic bits
  •  dental floss
  •  monofilament
  •  artificial plants
  •  what seemed to be a long earplug…


– Katelyn Cucinotta

Co-Founder of

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