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Epiphanies with Peter

Yesterday I was on a trash walk heading north from Gulfstream Beach, and as I picked up trash some man who seemed to be sifting for seashells came up to me and said,

“I see you here picking up all the time… I’ve seen you 2 miles up the beach before! Who are you?”

I was tired from the free-diving I had just done off the beach, and sort of bummed because I saw so much plastic in the water… but the fact that this man recognized me, and approached me like this absolutely made my day. I told him:

“I do pick up trash here all the time, I pick up trash every where I go. Actually, I’ve started up an initiative titled “Take 4 Florida” because I can’t possibly pick up all the garbage I see on my own. If you don’t mind, or if you have a facebook, look it up!” The man said, “Absolutely, I love what you’re doing, I see WAYY too much garbage out here… that’s great! What is your name?” I replied with my name, and asked him if he was a local… The man said, “I’m Peter, and yes I live right up here, and I do meditation on the beach every day. Thank you for what you are doing!” I stood there and explained that the initiative has been getting people moving all over the place, and that as a surfer and scuba diver, I not only see trash on the shore, but also under water, and floating by in the line-up. I ask him to kindly pass the word on, and he promised to check out the Shark Bytes Facebook page. Then, I left my new friend, and went back to picking up plastic debris as I walked back to my things on the beach.

A few sandy steps later, I turned around and saw Peter with a handful of trash… and I mean moments. I couldn’t help but run back and ask him if I could take his photo for the page. He kindly replied “Sure!”, and while I was taking the photo I asked him to hold up his hand and say “take 4…” Peter smiled and said, but I have “5.”

That’s exactly why I’m doing this. Literally within 2 minutes or less of sharing the #take4florida initiative with a complete stranger, he had already picked up not ONLY 4, but 5 pieces of debris. Peter was our newest supporter, and he got it. : ) It’s not about picking up 4 and leaving the beach feeling satisfied, it’s about doing ALL THAT YOU CAN DO. Taking the time to bend down and pick up that piece of litter instead of looking it over while you’re sifting for shells.

It’s about EVERY SINGLE thing you do.

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